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Buying a home can be one of the biggest purchase decisions you’ll ever make. But should getting a mortgage loan be difficult? No, that’s why we at J.Monenta are ready to help you find your appropriate home financing with the right mortgage lender. Whether it is your first time applying for a home loan, or you’re buying a vacation home or investment property, you’ll need this to be prepared. And if you already have a home loan? We can also help you refinance your mortgage to save you plenty of money.


What is a Mortgage/Mortage Loan?

A mortgage, or mortgage loan, is a legal agreement between two persons: the lender and the borrower. The lender offers money to the borrower for the purchase of real estate in exchange for interest. With the loan being secured by the real estate, if the borrower fails to repay on agreement, the lender can foreclose and sell the property to pay off the loan.


Mortgage Refinancing

If you’re struggling with your mortgage payments or simply hoping to lower them, refinancing your mortgage could be exactly what you need to save some extra money each month.

People refinance their mortgages for a variety of reasons; lowering their interest rate, shortening their loan term, lowering their mortgage payment, and more. If your credit score has improved since you first purchased your home or if current interest rates are lower, now could be a great time to refinance your mortgage. 



Step 1

Apply online, fill out the EASY to use the online application "a standardized and simplified banking loans & mortgages application" with less than 5 minutes to complete, and from any preferred device of your choice, you can have access to the largest lenders network in North America.

Step 2

Our SMART system will match your application with the top potential lenders who can offer you the desired amount you need with the lowest cost of borrowing.

Step 3

With assistance from our mortgages & loans specialists, we will help guide you to select the most suitable offer from any lender you match with. Our agents will answer all your questions and address your concerns, they will also highlight all the important details of your loan before you close the deal.

Your pre-approval can be processed within 48 hours from the time you start!

Trusted banks

We are proud to say that we have established a solid healthy network with over 65 lenders in North America.



Being around for over a decade has helped us to gain a lot of experience and to expand our operations to reach as many Canadians across North America.



We always love to hear our client's feedback about all of our services. It helps us improve our services and push us to serve you better.



For our unrelenting services towards our clients and doing what's right by them in every single category, we are proud to have been able to bag this unique prestigious award in the mortgage industry four times in a row.



Over 10 Billion dollars in mortgages and loans have been issued and approved by us, and we are very glad that has helped many families and homeowners across Canada.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, the answer is yes. The rate charged to you by the lender makes all the difference, allowing you to have some extra cushion at the end of each month and even shave a few years off the mortgage life. Jmoenta is committed to providing you with the lowest possible borrowing cost.

When setting interest rates, lenders typically use risk-factor analysis. Much of it is due to the inherent risk. Simply put, they charge higher interest rates for riskier borrowers (those with bad credit, high debt ratios, etc.) As a result, lenders provide different mortgage rates to different borrowers. In Jmoneta, we have perfected the system that will match you with the ideal lender.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by potential buyers and homeowners. Fact: When it comes to mortgages, you should never compare your situation to anyone else’s because each mortgagor has a unique situation, and their goals may differ from yours. For example, if you intend to sell your property within the term or have a moderate to high risk tolerance, fixed rates may not be appropriate for you. When it comes to choosing the type of rate, our mortgage specialists at Jmoneta will be able to help you make an informed decision.

That is a valid question, and you should discuss it with your broker before making any commitments. Normally, brokers are paid a “finders fee” by the lender, but keep in mind that finding the right deal, or the best rate, is an important reason for people to use a broker so you can get their preferred rates, which are only available to licensed mortgage agents. Our mortgage brokers at Jmoneta actively work with a wide range of lenders, including major banks, small lenders, insurance companies, trust institutions, and private lenders. We have access to lower interest rates, allowing you to borrow at the lowest possible cost. 

With the constant changes in mortgage laws and regulations, you only have one shot to get your mortgage approved or at least a preferred rate. You can work directly with banks in most cases, but when it comes to negotiating, preparation, and presentation, that’s where brokers come in. A good broker understands which lenders to approach on your behalf and how to carry out the transaction smoothly. With Jmoneta, our mortgage brokers will go to bat for you in order to obtain the best interest rate and lowest cost of borrowing.

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طارق الجباري
طارق الجباري
I want to thank mr Haidar a lot he is very honest loyal person he did great job for me and take care a lot for my new home buying special this time it is very hard to get morkage but mr Haidar make it easy and all my family thanks him a lot and i want to say Haidar you are the best really and never forget you make all my family lives in great time thanks a gain ❤️🌷❤️🌷❤️🌷
Hyrum Merino
Hyrum Merino
I would like to thank Haider for helping me with the refinancing of my mortgage. He went above and beyond. he was very helpful and knowledgeable and I appreciate all the hard work.
Cece Li
Cece Li
My husband and I are very appreciate with all the effort from Haider, and thanks to him we got our mortgage and had the house close on time. Our case is hard and urgent during this period of time, but Haider has always been very professional and positive, which brought me confidence during the process. Couldn’t thank him enough for all the work and we are highly recommend his team if anyone is in need.
Pouya Pardisnia
Pouya Pardisnia
I would like to thank Haidar as he did a wonderful job for me in securing my mortgage at a great rate in such a short amount of time. He was always very quick to get back to me and was always professional. I can’t thank him enough for his hard work!! Highly recommend!!!
Mohamed Soliman
Mohamed Soliman
Working with Haider on securing my mortgage for my home purchase has been a breeze. He’s been responsive, supportive and extremely helpful throughout my 11-month house hunting journey. From our initial conversation, he clearly laid out the process and expectations based on needs. As the year unfolded and my needs changed, he was quick to adjust and advise accordingly. Whether it was a quick question or a lengthy discussion, Haider always made himself available to answer and share his knowledge. In the midst of COVID craziness, a job transfer, a move and house hunting, his knowledge and professionalism made financing the least of my worries; which is exactly what everyone needs. It has been an absolute pleasure and a relief to have worked with Haider.
It was a real pleasure to deal with Haider. He's upfront with every detail and answers every single questions you may have. I will definitely call him again.
Denise Bilodeau
Denise Bilodeau
I was very happy with Haiser Al-Saffar. He lead me through this mortgage like a professional. I am greatly satisfied and will recommended him to anybody who needs help. Thank you very much Haider.
Donna Waterhouse
Donna Waterhouse
My husband and and I are very happy with the service provided by Mr. Moneta. Seam less, easy transaction, wonderful secondary staff. Pleasure to deal with.
Candy Lendt
Candy Lendt
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Haider. He helped me get the financing I needed and answered all my questions. Everything went super fast. I highly recommend Haider and his team. Thanks again.
Paulie Prepper
Paulie Prepper
I have been trying to get a loan for a few months Banks would not help me lenders would not help my credit was just too poor and all I had was a mobile home for collateral. So I filled out the online form and with in minutes I got a call from Haider. This gentleman not only got me a loan but he worked after hours for me he held my hand the hole way through it and he fought on the back end with the lenders to get me an amazing deal. Haider is a miracle worker. He got me approval for more than I needed and never went over my budget. He cares for me and makes me feel like a human and not just a paycheck. Haider fights for you and to make your life better. He is on your side